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Full Metal Jacket

Lock and load

This steel chastity cage is a high-powered addition to our Lifestyle chastity cage series. When full coverage chastity isolation is the order of the day, this chastising tour-de-force comes through with supreme armoured encasement to keep any soldier solidly hunkered down under any conditions. It also boasts the radical full metal testicular containment we've termed: the castanet. The bullet…


The Creature

Cage the beast

The fine art of the male chastity cage at its best, this elaborate and striking design will surely keep the most unruly of animals safely contained in fully customizable comfort. Confluent surgical steel and titanium components for a striking display, This chastity cage's unique highlights come alive in the full spectrum anodized colors to reflect your individual flare and tenor.


The Classic

The original steel chastity cage

The steel chastity cage was conceived exclusively with the full-time wearer in mind. The definitive form and function of this flagship Steelwerks Extreme model, often copied by the extremely unimaginative without restraint, is carefully considered for maximum comfort, wearability, and no-nonsense aesthetics. As a constant companion to the man-about-town this finely crafted device will keep everyt…


The Solid Classic

Total deprivation

This stainless chastity cage is designed for complete shaft sensory isolation. This full-coverage device offers solitary confinement for the man truly kept by his virtue. Based on the paradigmatic Classic steel chastity cage edition, The Solid Classic was also conceived uniquely with extended wear in mind (24/7). The stark form and definitive function of this variant model is carefully considered…


The Classic PA

Penetrating needs fulfilled

The Classic PA chastity cage represents an essential adaptation of the Classic Lifestyle line of chastity cages adapted with the Prince Albert piercing. It's is a variation on our quintessential Classic male chastity cage design, conceived especially with the full-time wearer in mind. The definitive form and function offered by this stainless steel chastity cage is finely tuned for maximum c…


The Classic Supreme

Master male chastity cage

The Classic Supreme male chastity cage stands in the top of it’s class as an unmatched Lifestyle cage design. A constant companion to even the most liberated man, his secret chaperone will remind him constantly of who is really in control. Exemplary of the enhanced master class of male chastity device, and conceived entirely with the full-time wearer in mind, the definitive form and function of t…


The Short Story

Total negation for men of smaller stature

This small chastity cage represents a practical addition to our Lifestyle, extended wear, designs. The Short Story is the smallest of our chastity cages and has been conceived and mastered as the ultimate in ultra-compact fixed-cap design with full integration of a Prince Albert piercing. The diminutive form and function of this cage is unquestionably devised to abate and abbreviate the man who f…


The Gauntlet

Lock it down

Shock and awe are inevitable as the heavy steel jaws of this hinged locking masterstroke in male chastity design slam shut on his unsuspecting manhood. The emblematic rigid steel control belt which bisects the head is form-fitted to the wearer. Fully customizable, The Gauntlet can be made to measure with a flaccid or erect captive in mind, depending on the desired effect. As a tool of either virt…


The Cockle

For a puckered tuck

The unique severity of this high-intensity male chastity device is defined by unrelenting constraint of his fully flaccid member. In a fixed, flaccid, bowed position his manhood is completely subdued with absolutely nowhere to go. An even more radically minimized variation on The Bender, it is proof that less is more with the striking absence of a cock ring and the required Prince Albert piercing…

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