Blogging Take Two - Chaste Discoveries

Nov. 8, 2016

Okay, we get it. It’s time for fresh news.

We spend most of our waking hours designing, crafting, and building the world’s finest male and female chastity devices and that leaves little time to write or even think after many days. Yes, that is a reason, but it’s not excuse, and with this post we promise to update this section regularly to keep you informed about the latest creature cages, classic lifestyle cages, or all the latest locking shiny bits that are for the ladies in our audience.

If you follow us on Twitter, you already have access to the latest Steelwerks Extreme art as we post pictures of each new device prior to shipping it off for its installation on a very special person's private part. These posts are some of our favourite times of the week because, in the case of our lifestyle or creature cages, we get to see our work assembled, polished, and ready to stand guard against the high and mighty male erection, a formidable beast only bested by the highest grades of titanium and stainless steel. For the new owners to be, these posts are sent to them with their shipping information so they can watch the public reactions to their device which may or may not be seen in public ever again.

And speaking of "the Twitter", what we have discovered is that those who currently wear a Steelwerks Extreme device have used these posts to reach out to each other sometimes forming intense friendships that have been secured, at first, only by our patented S screw - an unintended, yet significant part of being a member of the Steelwerks Extreme family. Over the last year, we have watched our SW family show their pride in their Steelwerks cage through their own tweets and, in several cases, their own blogs which often detail their decisions around purchasing a device and give us glimpses inside their day to day life while locked in our metal.These type things give us an even greater pride in the one-of-a-kind art that is a Steelwerks Extreme device.

So, stay tuned here for more frequent updates about male chastity, female chastity, and the one of a kind Steelwerks Extreme devices that make it possible as well as some stories, facts, or figures about the chaste lifestyle and the Steelwerks’s role within it, be it permanent or for play.

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