Dream lover electrifies Steelwerks chastity device

Dec. 4, 2013

The Alchemist is a male chastity device that has it all, but of one the key factors this cage had was the integration of the Dream Lover Labs Dreamlover 2000, a male management system that allows the key holder to control maximum control over his or her sub, even when not in the same country! The capabilities of this device are endless and although we only had a brief trial with the device we did enjoy strapping it on our client to see his reaction first hand.

The dreamlover 2000 is radio-controlled, electric pulse chastity device add-on featuring an on-board Male Management Unit (MMU) and specifically designed and fine-tuned to maximize your male's output and reduce training time required to obtain ongoing compliance. The device itself is housed in a plastic unit which is held against the pelvis with a belt which is provided by DreamLover labs, however for this project our client was told by his key holder that he must at all times be in latex underwear to insure further awareness during chastity. For this aspect of the project we took on the talents of Polymorphe latex, a local company we often enjoy collaborating with when it comes to new and exciting kink related adventures! Polymorphes owner and lead designer, Mario, came up with a fantastic set of mens briefs that would have a moulded pocket to house the DL2000 device intact against the pelvis, insuring maximum comfort and security. Once mounted, the devices has three wires, a pulse unit for vibration which is simply tucked into the body of the tube when being installed, followed by the first wire directly at the pelvis which brings current to a single area, fully insulated form the cage itself. The second wire is the one that makes you jump the most, this wire can be attached to any of the security discipline screws throughout the cage, but beware.... as this wire ensures the electricity will travel throughout the entire cage!

It was a tremendous pleasure werking with both Polymorphe and DL Labs to bring this package to life for our client, we have no doubt he will be well aware of our efforts for many years to come!

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