The Alcatraz

Inescapable chastity

The male chastity device is tailored to meet the disciplinary chastising challenges of even the most unruly detainee. Virtually inescapable, even the most brazen prisoner of virtue will find any hope of release implausible once inside chastity device. Beyond the overt visual and heavy-weight appeal of the standard full-size padlock that crowns this imposing chastity cage, it also subtly integrates additional high-security lockdown features that provide no possibility of parole. Closer surveillance reveals a heavy D-ring obfuscating the proprietary locking S-screws to render them tamper-proof. In addition, the distance between the support ring and shaft tube has been decreased effecting a zero-access design.

No possibility of parole

This chastity device was conceived with the full-time wearer in mind. Fully customizable for wear with or without a Prince Albert piercing or the integrated urethral tube. The standard length fully-vented cap is removable and interchangeable by means of our signature locking S-screws. The same proprietary S-screw locking mechanism secures the integrated cock ring keeping the entire unit firmly in its intended place. Protracted wear is enhanced by means of a pivoting dorsal connecting arm. Hand-finished surgical stainless steel. Options include titanium components, personalized piercing adaptations, alternate caps and can be adapted to fit on male chastity belts.



  • Surgical grade stainless steel


  • 4 axis CNC machined
  • Wire EDM / Sinker EDM
  • Hand polished to a mirror finish.


  • Base support cock ring
  • Fully vented long cap
  • Urethral tube {optional}
  • PA U-lock {optional}
  • Custom engraved nameplate


  • PA U-lock {optional}
  • Proprietary Steelwerks S Screws
  • Pad lock with security D-ring
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