The Bridle & Stirrup

Corral the stallion

Imagine an unlimited range of piercing restraints that adapts, expands, and evolves to meet your precise training and discipline requirements. Your imagination and our expertise combine to create a panoply of penetrating possibilities to exert your authority and break him in. Whether for extended chastity, playful restraint, or pointed intensity, we are sure we can help illuminate your most intimate pierced imaginings. In the model shown here, a short hinged gauntlet locks through a heavy gauge frenum piercing. Proprietary S-screws make unauthorized escape impossible. Resilient mirror polished twist-link reins in a locked guiche piercing below.



  • Surgical grade stainless steel


  • 4 axis CNC machined
  • Wire EDM / Sinker EDM
  • Hand polished to a mirror finish


  • Shaft sleeve
  • Stirrup
  • Locking frenum barbell
  • Guiche U-lock
  • Custom engraved
  • Connector chain


  • Guiche U-lock
  • Proprietary Steelwerks S Screws
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