The Galea

Lightweight gland helmet

The Galea is an ultra-minimalist male chastity device that comes to a head with a cap-only locking penile crowns which features a pair of custom positioned locking barbell studs for Ampallang and Apadravya piercings. These ultra-lightweight designs stay in place by exclusive means of the wearer's piercings, bolstered by diametric customization to the wearers penile corona. The need for secure installation is firmly managed in these super low profile chastity devices by means of a locking piercing jewelry components.


Available in a fulfilling range of gauges and diameters to suit any need. Our proprietary S-screws hold everything inextricably in place, under the sole control of the authorized keyholder. Totally customizable to suit any variety of piercings, and available with total flexibility in your choice of urethral inserts, bladder release plugs, and entire range of cap styles. Available in either mirror-finished high-polish “white” titanium, or the entire palette of vibrant anodized color.



  • Surgical grade titanium


  • 4 axis CNC machined
  • Wire EDM / Sinker EDM
  • Hand polished to a mirror finish


  • Shaft support sleeve
  • Fully vented fixed cap
  • Piercing barbells
  • Urethral tube {optional}
  • PA U-lock {optional}


  • Locking barbells
  • Proprietary Steelwerks S Screws
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