The Grinder

Can the man

This male chastity cage is a playfully pernicious adaptation of the Classic series Lifestyle cages designed to grind down his manhood. The nullifying power of this chasitty device comes to a head in the demiurgic flat, internally spiked cap design guaranteed to quash any grand desire he may entertain. Beginning with the essential elements that characterize The Classic series cages, the standard-length vented cap can be interchanged for the malevolent crush of the sadistic Grinder cap. With his modesty neatly tucked away in this poignant “pièce de résistance”, the only relief rests entirely on the generosity of a sympathetic chastiser.


Remarkably light-weight, this model is customizable for wear with or without a Prince Albert piercing, and with or without an integrated urethral tube. The short fully-vented cap, which comes standard, is removable and interchangeable with the thematic Grinder cap by means of featured Steelwerks Extreme proprietary locking S-screws. The same proprietary S-screw locking mechanism secures the integrated cock ring to the pivoting dorsal connecting arm. Hand-finished surgical stainless steel. Options include titanium components, personalized piercing adaptations, or alternate cap models.



  • Surgical grade stainless steel


  • 4 axis CNC machined
  • Wire EDM / Sinker EDM
  • Hand polished to a mirror finish.


  • Base support cock ring
  • Partially vented extra long cap
  • Flat cap with spikes
  • Urethral tube {optional}
  • PA U-lock


  • PA U-lock
  • Proprietary Steelwerks S Screws
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