The Necromancer

Dark beauty

This custom male chastity cage pays homage to beauty at it's darkest.  It's is a sacrament of erotic art in primal motion and another testament to our unchallenged supremacy in the high art and precision science of male chastity device. Featuring a fully articulating spine composed of miniature steel skulls, this bio-mechanically revealed masterpiece is 100% made-to-measure for a perfect fit. The Necromancer is the dark angel of our Creature series of male chastity devices, exemplary of the iconic designs that the initiated have come to expect from SteelwerksExtreme.


Representing a new incarnation of male chastity design inspiration that goes far beyond simple containment, The Necromancer is a work of art merged with flesh and animated by desire. Options shown include integrated scrotal cage, the unique Necromancer cap, and integrated solid metal individually sized "butt plug". Standard in CNC machined, hand-finished surgical stainless steel. Options include titanium components, choice of urethral tubes, personalized piercing adaptations and alternate caps.



  • Surgical grade stainless steel


  • 4 axis CNC machined
  • Wire EDM / Sinker EDM
  • Hand polished to a fine brush finish.


  • Base support cock ring
  • Flexible spine
  • Mininalist cap
  • Heavy duty ball cage
  • urethral tube {optional}


  • Proprietary Steelwerks S Screws
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