Two words for you: ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!

The package arrived on Tuesday and today is the first opportunity I have had to write to you. I am thrilled to death with the wand you created. It is absolutely perfect in every way. The fit is GREAT, header length is perfect, extension is perfect, it looks FANTASTIC, and I just can’t think of enough good things to say!!! I have been wearing it ever since it arrived, it is perfectly comfortable. (and to be just a bit graphic, its great to be able to urinate from a standing position again).

I am “way beyond” perfectly satisfied with the wand you created. Your materials and workmanship are superb. It turned out much better than I even imagined!! You really came through and did a fantastic job! I really liked the way you kept me updated on developments, and info I should know. I definitely will refer customers to you.

I’ll be in touch, and checking your website for other products too.
You have won me over, I am definitely a dedicated customer.

- J. L.
Richmond, VA

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