As a long time practitioner of S&M

“As a long time practitioner of S&M, I have found that two elements are essential for changing a scene into a lifestyle. The first is an honest, and trusting relationship with your partner. The second is quality equipment. While this might seem obvious, it is not an easy feat to achieve. It has taken 20 years for me to find the right partner, and 20 years of very selective purchases to create the collection of toys we currently own.

My Mistress and I have worked with Christopher at Steelwerks on several projects. Every time he has been receptive to our requests, and has provided honest, constructive input. His skills and experience have helped us achieve some sensational fantasies. Christopher's' attention, to your details, is clear. He can help you discover what you are looking for. His quality is unmatched.

If you are a serious practitioner, the only way to push your limits, is with someone you really trust. You should have the same level of trust with your equipment. Steelwerks Extreme delivers this. I highly recommend speaking with Christopher about your needs. It will be time well spent.”

- Mistress D & TK
A Very Satisfied Customer.

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