Continued interest & investment

“I’m a skeptical sort. Unless I have some first-hand knowledge or experience, glowing reports from customers featured on many web sites may as well be entirely fictional accounts. I need the ability to compare & shopping various body jewelry web sites bears out the need to compare.

For instance, some sites may be visually impressive & user-friendly, but either cannot deliver product, or cannot seem to get the order correct. Experience also suggests that one site might deliver a quality “captive ball ring” for the most reasonable price, while another site might deliver a quality “bent barbell” for the most reasonable price. It takes experience to know which site to order what device from.

When I stumbled across a site which offered a “PA wand” (& few sites offer them) I was immediately intrigued, even if a bit reluctant because of the steep price such items require. Still, I gathered my courage & money & ordered my first wand, not knowing what to expect since the site did not offer product photos. Then I waited & waited, then waited even more.

The wand received was functional & manufactured to spec, but was also elemental in both construction (low gloss finish, well defined edges) & optional features (none). Almost immediately I managed to lose the front ball because the threads were too coarse & would easily back out with only a few turns. Efforts to replace the lost ball were fruitless, at least until recently. Then by chance, on a web search I found “Steelwerks”.

I am somewhat incredulous at what is found on the site, from the various product photos to customer photos & more! The jewelry selection is large & the wands available have bountiful optional features to choose from. So I ordered a smaller flex wand, something relatively cheap, in order to judge the product quality & attention to customer service.

Wow! Smooth edges everywhere there is contact, a high gloss finish overall, finer threads which require more turns before fully backing out, and options to fit my whim or tantalize the imagination. I’ve since ordered a larger wand with multiple extras & now contemplate the purchase of additional options/extensions for that wand. Steelwerks even manufactured a replacement front ball for my original wand & added features not offered on the original.

I was sufficiently impressed that I’ve eliminated the other supplier from my “favorites” list. What better statement for a company like “Steelwerks” than the continued interest & investment of their customers?”

- Larry

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