Familiar with male chastity

“My wife and I are quite familiar with male chastity, and have used this wonderful experience to our mutual enjoyment with a variety of cages and full metal belts.

We had discussed, with some detail the longed for purchase from Steelwerks, and had selected the model.

The anticipation of arrival held for weeks. When the small packet was delivered, it was quickly opened, and the exquisitely machined chastity cage was first seen.

Having hoped for a truly superior product, it was still breathtaking to see the detail, admire the fine finish, examine the light weight, and view the incredible, non- removable ownership tag with her name on it (a nice touch suggested by Christopher Meirs).

After some initial experimentation to judge fit and comfort (both superb), the keys were surrendered in what became a memorable evening for both of us.

The work is perfection in steel, and Steelwerks reputation as both artist and master craftsman is well deserved.”

- Carolyn's slave

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