Getting fucked inside my dick…

“Cumming with the 6.5″ rod in place has many new intense sensations.

I run my hands lightly over dick and balls, with no more contact than if I’m applying lube, while the rod shudders against that long stretch of urethra. Contractions focus far behind my balls, and happy lunging follows; later, a froth of cum surrounds and drips from the knob, adding to the puddle formed from the nonstop precum ooze the longer rod seems to provoke. I gasp and quiver like a grateful 14-year-old.

In recent years, the idea of stuffing metal up my dick seemed extreme, and sounds seem to take a lot of work … and the Prince’sWand I owned years ago was the wrong size so it hurt. Now I think I’ve got it right.

Grossed out? That’s okay. You’ll return to this idea when the time is right. If getting fucked INSIDE your dick sounds interesting, you’re on your way toward wanting a Prince’s Wand.

Do a lot of reading before you buy.”

- SmoothLankySF

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