Marvelous – Everything feels and looks so good.

“Thanks so much for all of your good advice and patience this afternoon.
I really appreciated it.

I got back to the hotel, and after about 15 minutes of wondering whether I had done the right thing and whether I would ever get the new wand inserted, I got out the lube and set about the task of inserting the wand WITHOUT the extension.

When you had suggested that I might have a difficult time supressing an erection while inserting the wand, I said to myself that at my advanced age, suppressing an erection will not be the issue and I will not have a problem. How wrong I was on the erection front. However, everything else went perfectly. Aside from the anticipated difficulty in getting the wand started into the urethra because of the smaller size at the tip, it simply slid in without any problem. The sensation was fantastic, as you suggested it would be.

I amost immediately removed the wand and added the extension. Again, there was no problem inserting the extended wand other than a few gentle taps to get it to go down the last few millimetres. Again, what a sensation.

Wanting to check out your caution that the pinless wand might be a problem in a flacid state, I withdrew all stimulation and watched TV on the news channel. Even with that it took over 30 minutes for my erection to subside. All seems well. My glans seems large enough even in a flaccid state to hold the whole thing together. Marvelous. Everything feels and looks so good.

One other unexpected benefit is the feeling of weight that wand gives my cock. Walking around the room in the nude feels just great. I am going to get dressed and go for a walk after finishing this message to get a sense of what it will be like to wear the wand for other than play. I have not tried to expel any kind of fluid through it yet. The feelings are so intense at this point that I think I want to leave that until later.

Again, many thanks for your patience this afternoon and for a remarkable product.”

- Jim

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