MetalBond Client feedback

Although we receive allot of positive client feedback, we kind of slack when it comes to putting it up on the site. However this article was short, sweet and sexy so we just had to share!

After his post on MetalBond, our client emailed us this little blurb:

“Last night Master B decided to do an improvised test of the chastity cage. He removed the locking PA ring to see whether I could pull out without it . . . . He gave me an hour to try anything I could think of.

Well, the long and the short of it is that the fit is so tight between the cock ring and the cage itself that I can’t pull out when the locking PA ring is removed. (I can pull out of the CB6000 for instance.) And as I mentioned before, even though the fit is much tighter than the CB6000, your cage is infinitely more comfortable for day-to-day wear. (There is an added “bonus” for us . . . the tightness of the fit makes erections more uncomfortable for me. With the CB2000, CB6000, BON4, etc., there was enough play to make pulling on the device with the beginnings of an erection somewhat pleasurable. The tightness of your cage’s fit leave’s almost no room for growth and essentially removes any possibility of a bit of locked-down stimulation/fun.)

I think this is a great compliment for your work and the benefits of a tight, custom fit. Master B of course is very pleased. And the dutiful, masochistic chastity slave in me is pleased as well. (The hedonistic wanker in me is a bit disappointed, obviously.)”

- slave dildofag

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