Client testimony about his Prince's Wand, a car accident, the hospital, doctors and nurses...

“I was on my way home when I had stopped at a stop light. I was hit by a drunk driver on the passenger side of the car. The car was thrown across both lanes of highway and over turned. I had 6 ribs broken, my collar bone, left arm, left leg in 3 spots and my lung was punctured. Amazingly I had no other internal injuries. At the time of the accident I was wearing my Prince’s Wand that has a 8 inch catheter on the end. Combined with the wand itself this is long enough to act like a catheter.

The wand and the catheter did not end up causing any damage to my bladder or urethra. I was unconscious when transported to the hospital. After surgery and when I was able to communicate, my doctor informed me of the injuries and after about 4 days we ended up talking about the Prince’s Wand. He was very open and non-judgmental about it. In fact, he was very curious. He asked lots of question on how often I wore it, what it felt like, did I have others, was I able to have sex with it in, etc… I got the feeling he was interested in one himself!! I had two nurses that took care of me that had been in the ER when I came in and had seen the Wand in me, one of them was the one that took it out. They were more than curious, they were obsessed with it. When my wife/Mistress was visiting they talked to her about it. At first they did not know she was my Mistress also. After a couple of days it slip out and they were very curious. After being in the hospital 10 days, I asked the doctor about being able to put the wand back. He actually said that I was physically able to have it back and the hospital could not prevent me from having it in. Mistress was thrilled as I have been wearing a wand every day for more than 2 years now. She was telling me she would put it back and the head nurse who was the most curious heard and asked if she could watch. Mistress told her yes and that she could help if she wanted. Together they cleaned me up and the wand. Mistress started the catheter in and then nurse took over she talked about how much she loved the feeling of sliding it in me and especially the pop when it entered my bladder. Mistress finished hooking the wand in place and your could tell the nurse was aroused. Mistress went up to the nurse and started to kiss her and the nurse responded. I was informed that the nurse had the right to change the wand any time she wanted. Mistress also told me that when I was healed I would serve the nurse at our home to thank her for taking care of me. Later Mistress told me that she thinks the nurse will make a good Mistress and that she will start her training.”

- Mark

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