The Steelwerks experience

“What is the Steelwerks experience really like? Well it is definitely much more than just ordering a chastity device for your cock. I want to explain that statement in detail, as I now own 3 Steelwerks custom cock cages.

Let me regress though here to my first purchase. I contacted Christopher over three years ago wanting a quote for a takeoff on a previous design of his. His quote made me step back and say to myself, is it really worth it, the cost seemed a little too rich for my blood. You know though I thought about it more and more and as I did I thought, well it is a custom one of a kind piece and I will only buy one in my life time. Ok so I ordered it and the experience began. And what an experience, helping Christopher understand what details I thought would be neat and cool and yes sexually exciting to me. So what happens when you order a custom design is really an individual experience tailored by you the customer, depending on how much you want to be involved with what the final product actually looks like. As for me I was very involved and my first cage actually evolved in design as the project progressed. In the end both Christopher and I came up with ideas on how it should work and look and he incorporated my desires along with his experience to make the Erection set as it is today. Incidentally the erection set has been added to since I first received the unit, I decided I wanted more pieces and Christopher made the additional components about 1.5 years after the cage was initially completed and delivered.

I just love my first cage from Christopher, the fit and finish is impeccable, but beyond that is the fact that the design was a joint effort between me and Christopher. Not his design, but my ideas and design hopes rolled into one perfect collaboration mirroring my desires. I use this first cage almost daily, it is usable in sections which I do most of the time, and of course it has electrical connection points in multiple locations.

My second cage, the Creature was again a collaborative effort, Christopher took the lead design role and I kind of went along more with his concept as a more regular design chastity device. I made suggestions and changes to suit my fancy like on the first unit. The process however was the same in that Christopher and I worked hand in hand along the design path so I got what I wanted that had my ideas and needs incorporated into the final product. All of this of course includes giving Christopher your exact size requirements, so your new chastity cage will fit like a glove with a rabbit fur lining, no sharp edges or pinch points. Oh and the finish, plus the attention to details is beyond your imagination. These cages made by chris are purely works of art in every detail. Custom design to your needs size wise and to your desires for function and fit are totally at their best when Christopher is at work, what he delivers is truly an awesome product experience from start to finish.

My third purchase, took a little over a year in the making, design thru implementation. Absolutely the best, most expensive, and the most satisfying of all three of my custom designs. I have had the most unusual, fantastic, oh hell awesome trip with Christopher in the making of this truly awesome piece. It took a long time because I was not in a hurry, I wanted something really unusual, but more important fully functional in a verity of ways. You see my new piece The Necromancer {the skull cage} is absolutely unbelievable. Let me explain, it consists of three separate and distinctive items. First the cage is ambidextrous, it can be worn flat and straight to the stomach or curved sharply for chastity and in those positions you have the option of a urethral tube insert in either a straight tube or curved tube format. Next there is a ball cage that is removable, it is removable in pieces, let me explain, you can have a full cage or you can remove that part and just have a scrotal ring: additionally the cage with cockring can be worn separately from the cock cage or in combination. Lastly there is a but plug, a solid stainless steel plug (3.5 lbs of steel) with attachments to use with the scrotal ring and or cock ring. This 3.5 lbs of steel can be electrified as can any of the other components. ( Just imagine 3.5 lbs of highly polished and shaped stainless steel electrified in your butt, you can't imagine what it feels like) All of these separate elements can be used together in any combination, and all can be individually electrified.

This last custom work is so awesome; I can't begin to tell you how much he total experience has meant to me. Christopher and I have become friends even though I have never met the man face to face. We have been able to share so much over the last three years in these three custom devices which I truly have fallen in love with. The part of the experience that is hardest to share is the concept that I helped shape the design to be exactly what I wanted the function to turn out to be. Christopher is willing to accommodate your wants and desires as much as is humanely possible considering the restraints he must face in the manufacturing process. Oh and the fit and finish is just hard to explain, other than it doesn't get any better than this. Christopher calls it jewelry and it truly is jewelry for your cock.”

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