Totally amazed at the craftsmanship and the quality of each piece

“First and most important to me, was the level of customer service which i received from the first moment of contact through final delivery of my new body jewelry. At first i had some trepidation about ordering my body jewelry online – but Your counsel and guidance put me at ease, and Your willingness to put up with my incessant questions only contributed to the comfort level.

i was totally amazed at the craftsmanship and the quality of each piece of body jewelry that i ordered, most especially my new-model p-wand which is totally AWESOME!!! i must admit to being somewhat amazed by the size of my 2g barbells and rings. all i could say is awesome, totally awesome, and laugh out loud, and almost pissing my pants – nothing new for this sub. as a urethral-play pig i can tell You that my p-wand is truly an amazing piece of equipment and it feels so awesome inside my cock!

as a pierced-pig i can tell You that i take great pride in my new body modifications and take every opportunity to show them to anyone who is brave or stupid enough to look at them. in another 13 days i am heading for Australia and it will certainly be fun going through the metal detectors at each stop – and setting those damn alarms off – and having to show whomever examines me my amazing piercings. i am sure that by now You have cum to realize that i am not a modest pig by any stretch of the imagination.

i shall wear my body jewelry with continual pride and gladly show them off!! i shall continue to refer my friends and fellow body mod pigs to Your company. i hope you will find my pictures i sent previously as publishable knowing that this pig wears them with great pride. as soon as all my piercings heal, i shall reinsert my p-wand with the pin-less attachment and take pictures and send them along!

Again, many, many thanks for a truly wonderful experience and for being so patient with me. this is one pig who will continue to avail himself of Your services and jewelry.”

As always, with deepest REspect and Much Thanks,

- Lee

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