The wand fits me as I want it

“I have been putting stainless steel rods up my cock for over 6 years. They feel soooo wonderful.

Last year I finely got a PA so I could eventually get a wand. But my body had other ideas and the piercing was rejected. Not to be fouled, I approached Steelwerks looking for a design that would use my frenum piercing to hold a wand in place. Emails started going back and forth with questions, answers, measurements, photos, drawings… Finally a custom design was developed, a phone call to Steelwerks was made and the order was placed. They let me know what to expect as our creation was being manufactured. Emails came with each step and the staff at Steelwerks was sounding every bit as excited as I was.

And then it arrived, this exquisite creation. I rearranged the weekend to spend as much time with it in me as possible. It is wonderfully crafted with beautiful form and weight. The size is just what we discussed; the wand fits me as I want it. It stays in place when my cock is soft giving a feeling of, ah. I just cannot describe it, but I sure do love it. I can put it in and go about my day. After awhile my cock goes soft and the wand stays in, giving me the feeling I have long wanted. Once in a while I’ll set back and start a slow push / pull on the front ball, just do a slow in / out motion. Soon I’m fully aroused and getting hot over again. So I stop and go back to my work. This hard / soft / hard cycle can be repeated for hours and hours. In fact as I set here the wand has been in me for 4 hours and I am in a soft part of the cycle, but getting hard just writing this. Oh to hell with this note, I’m going to play with myself some more.”

Many thanks to all at Steelwerks,

- Horace

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