Why I’m Locked Up..... through a clients eyes

“I love being locked in a secure chastity device, having my sexuality firmly under the control of a keyholder who relishes that power and taunts me with denial while she’s free to explore her sexuality with anyone that pleases her.

My Wife/Owner and I developed an interest in male chastity as an extension of our Femdom relationship in the late 1990s. In that time, we’ve owned and used an assortment of devices. Three Neosteel belts, a Lori tube, a Gerecke tube, several Miller variations, and two Steelwerks Extreme custom designs. I’ve been locked up for as little as a few hours and as long as six months without being allowed to cum. I feel competent to talk about male chastity with some authority.

I realize that there are people into chastity who are flying solo and who go to great lengths to ensure the integrity of the experience by trying to find ways of making escape impossible and/or permanent. I can appreciate such desires for those who are not partnered but these urges can sometimes distort the original function of chastity.

Medieval chastity belts were supposedly designed to keep wives chaste while their husbands were away. There was never an intent to keep a person locked up permanently nor was it a function to keep that person from self-pleasuring. These are both contemporary visions of what chastity might be.

For me, as a modern devotee of chastity, being locked up is a symbollic act of submission within a committed relationship. I have agreed to give up my rights to have sex with another person and to masturbate to orgasm.

When my Wife/Owner locks me up, I don’t become obsessed with trying to escape. That would be to dishonor her objective of controlling me. The chastity device I am in and the key which she holds symbolize a relationship that I have agreed and submitted to. Too often we underemphasize the role of the keyholder.

Could I escape from any device in an emergency if I had to? I think, with help I could. But outside of that emergency why would I do that? Why would I bother to get into chastity if all I wanted to do was get out of it?

When I first experience a particular device, I’m curious how I might escape from it and how I might achieve an orgasm in it. I’m sort of testing the bond to understand it better. But ultimately I want to be held securely in it, to accept the control that it enforces. It shifts my libido into overdrive but prevents the ecstatic release I crave.

I believe that a high but realistic level of security and chastity should be expected in an expensive, high quality chastity device. Comfort and the ability to wear the device for extended periods of time are also critical.

Everybody’s anatomy and fetishes are unique. No single chastity device design can fulfill everyone’s needs or desires.

Steelwerks Extreme is, as far as I know, the only provider of stainless steel and titanium chastity devices who can design and fabricate to a client’s precise specifications. For example if your tube needs to be 25.2mm in diameter with a locking hollow prince’s wand and the whole baby made of blue anodized titanium, who else can you go to? Add to that years of experience and a peerless, bend-over-backwards obsession with customer satisfaction and you are describing a very rare company indeed.

I have tried to escape from and cum in both of the Steelwerks devices I’ve owned and have not been able to. Once I was satisfied that they were fundamentally secure and comfortable, I turned my mind and libido over to the experience of being a submissive chastised male.

Whether you are committed to serious long term chastity or to occasional wear, I feel Steelwerks Extreme offers the most secure and comfortable devices on the market. In terms of craftsmanship and aesthetics, nothing else comes close.”

Scott Kelly
Mrs. Kelly’s Playhouse


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