My husband’s wonderful Steelwerksextreme chastity cage

“I am a 55 year old fancy and kinky woman.

I have locked my husband into his chastity full time for 30 days non-stop. That include the penis tube, the 4 inches long wand, the cap and eventually the testicular container that I cannot wait to lock over his balls.

It is a real piece of jewelry, a piece of art. I love it so much. It is so exciting.

I take care of his hygiene because he is and will be locked into it full time and forever.

The design is so perfect, it is fantastic to see and manipulate.

I love the fact he cannot get it off and the fact he cannot get a hard on and have any access to his cock.

This is the chastity device I was looking for him for many years. Eventually maybe I will have it gold plated.

The only time he will be released will be for airplane trips. Otherwise, he will stay locked into it full time. Including the testicular container!

Thank you guys for your wonderful talent.

I am in full control.

I am proud of my submissive husband.”

- Jaquie

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